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    School Management ERP

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    We have developed a user-friendly, highly scalable and customizable School Management ERP designed to meet the specific needs of a school. It can give mobile access to parents and provide instant visibility to student performance. The modules covers the following exciting modules which have been integrated.

    School Management ERP Features

    i.    Admissions Management
    ii.    Student ID processing
    iii.    Attendance Management
    iv.    Examination Management
    v.    Fees and Financial Management
    vi.    Dormitory Management
    vii.    Library Management
    viii.    Procurement & Inventory Management
    ix.    Asset Management
    x.    Fleet Management
    xi.    Alumni Management
    xii.    Disciplinary Management
    xiii.    Teacher/Staff Evaluation Management
    xiv.    Parents Service Portal
    xv.    Time-Table Management
    xvi.    Projects Management
    xvii.    Visitors Management
    xviii.    Resource Optimization Management